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The ERAD system features the Logicor Clear Heater control panel, which is an Energy Saving Trust Recommended product.

Infra-red Heat Panels produce heat that is similar to the heat produced by the sun. The Infra-red rays emitted are easily absorbed by the items in your home, which gently increases the temperature of their surroundings. As cool surfaces heat up, Infra-red Heat Panels raise the ambient temperature of the room. Besides warming up your home, Infra-red Heat Panels provide many other benefits.


erad-systemsWe are a British company that believes in bringing the best of technology and service to its valued customers both in the UK and around the world.

Our company is always looking at inventive technology that makes a difference to people’s lives around the globe. Our latest products reflect the interest in renewable energy, which is a major contributor to the reduction of all our own individual carbon footprints, the Governments alternative carbon energy targets, as well as creating significant savings on our heating bills.

The introduction of the E-rad Heating system is the result of many years hard work and has cost millions of pounds in research and development. It uses Exclusive Worldwide Patented technology, which is suitable for both Domestic and Commercial purposes. It combines energy efficiency and product intelligence along with beautiful design and yet is very affordable for thousands of householders and businesses. We are proud to offer this unique renewable heating system to you, the only one of its kind in the World, at an affordable cost.


  • Take a look at the Domestic Benefits of the Erad System
  • Take a look at the Commercial Benefits of the Erad System


1. Infra-red Heat Panels & Safety

When purchasing an Infra-red Panel heater, safety is a main concern. The core temperature of Infra-red Heat Panels never get as high as a conventional heater’s temperature. This means animals and children can touch the surface of an Infra-red heater without being burned.

2. Minimal Maintenance

Nobody wants to be burdened with a bunch of maintenance tasks. Because Infra-red Heat Panels have no moving parts, maintenance is almost non-existent. There are no motors to wear out, air filters to replace or boilers to maintain.

3. Instant Heat

Infra-red Heat Panels provide optimum heating temperature after 30 seconds. Fully customisable heating system: Create Zones in Your home for ultimate control.

4. Infra-red Heat Panels Heat Silently

When in noise-sensitive environments such as bedrooms or studies, finding a heater that doesn’t operate loudly is important. There are no moving parts or fan blades whirring on Infra-red Heat Panels, therefore they deliver heat silently.

5. Comfortable, Gentle Heat

Infra-red Heat Panels can make you comfortable indoors no matter what the temperature is outdoors. Also, Infra-red Heat Panels aren’t affected by drafts or wind.

6. Infra-red Heat Panels Provide Instant Heat

Instead of warming the air like other conventional heaters, Infra-red Heat Panels heat objects directly in their paths. Heating the air wastes energy and the benefits of the heat aren’t felt immediately. The rays produced by Infra-red Heat Panels penetrate and warm you beneath the skin. The Infra-red rays radiate outward, heating all nearby objects, producing a widespread effect. This all happens within 30 seconds, with no need to wait for the heat to build-up.

7. Cost Effective

The benefit of any space heater is zone heating. With an Infra-red heater, heating only the parts of your home that you’re using at any given time is possible. When you aren’t heating your entire home, you’ll save money on your heating bill. Infra-red Heat Panels can save you up to 30-70% on heating costs. Actual savings vary depending on insulation, ceiling height, type of construction and other factors.

8. Environmentally Friendly

This day in age, the earth’s resources must be used responsibly. Infra-red Heat Panels operate without any carbon combustion, no toxic by-products of combustion’s, no open flame, and no fuel lines to leak. They add nothing to the air and take nothing away from the air, making them environmentally friendly.

9. Energy Efficient

Infra-red Heat Panels use a substantially lower amount of energy than conventional heaters. Some Infra-red Heat Panels can operate on as low as 300 watts of electricity and 800 watts is enough power to provide heating to a room.  Also, there’s no need to turn on the heater in advance to pre-heat the room because heat is delivered instantly.

10. No Dry Heat

Unlike conventional heaters that draw moisture out of the air as a part of their heating process, Infra-red Heat Panels don’t produce dry heat. This way you can avoid uncomfortable side effects such as itchy eyes and throat.

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