Advanced Heating Box

Advanced Heating Box leads the way as the energy crisis starts to impact on the lives of home owners up and down the country. It has been 12 years since the invention of the Advanced heating box which has seen thousands of happy customers enjoy the benefits of better quality and great savings on their energy costs. The Advanced heating box was launched to the U.K. home owner in March 2013 with great success. Over a thousand customers can testify to the revolutionary properties of the incredible Advanced Heating Box.

The Advanced Heating Box or CHMS(Central Heating Management System) gives an existing wet central heating system a new lease of life, saving the consumer money as they get on with the daily requirements of living in comfort.

As the energy crisis deepens, the government and the energy companies continue to avoid “necessary intervention” to aid the escalating costs of fuel, this product offers the consumer the opportunity of taking matters into their own hands.

The Advanced Heating Box (CHMS) is installed as part of a system overhaul.

  • Radiator Cleaner or Magna-Cleanse
  • Inhibitor Fluid
  • Radiator Valve Replacement
  • A’ Rated Flow Pump/s
  • Thermostatic Pipe Valve
  • Air Release System
  • Digital Room Thermostat
  • Multi-Zone Master Controller
  • Full Power-Flush of Radiators, Pipes and Boiler

The Advanced Heating Box is installed by qualified, heating engineers who have been trained to the highest level. Their work is inspected using thermostatic and thermal imaging equipment used by qualified individuals. Every inspector has the ability to show the customer how to use the product to its maximum saving potential.

The Advanced Heating Box has been tested over the last decade by various institutions including Dublin University and Enertek (specialists in engineering , research and development).

With several thousand customers already installed, we can boast rave reviews given independently under the banner of the “Review Centre”.

We are also proud to announce an industry first from Glow-Worm boilers.

They will give our customer a ten year guarantee on their boiler if it is attached to the Advanced Heating Box system!!!

We can truly deliver a game-changing product in the shape of the Advanced Heating Box.

Independent testing and accreditations

  • The Advanced Heating Box has been independently tested by experts at Trinity College Dublin University
  • Won Silver at the World International Inventions Fair in Geneva
  • Fully patented (EP1264146)
  • Manufactured to ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 specifications
  • TUV approved manufacturing and design process

How does the Advanced Heating Box improve your central heating system?

advanced heating box

  • Eliminates thermal shock by blending the heated water before it enters the system, removing inefficiencies which leads to the familiar cracking noises, pump resistances, poor flow rate and higher fuel bills
  • Eliminates pump cavitation, which substantially increases the average flow of water passing through a radiator
  • Removes air from the central heating system at the point of entry, eliminating air locks in the pipework and the need to bleed radiators, prolonging the life of the entire central heating system
  • No more balancing of radiators. With the the Advanced Heating Box in place all lock shield valves are left fully open
  • By heating the top and bottom of the radiators more uniformly, they produce more powerful radiant heat
  • Allows the boiler temperature to be manually reduced from 75°C-85°C to 60°C

Advanced heating box

This diagram is for illustration purposes only. We reserve the right to alter or change them at our discretion and without any prior notice.

How long does it take to install?

The Advanced Heating Box is an enhancement to your existing central heating system and does not replace any component. Installation takes 1 to 2 days and requires no ongoing maintenance. It is compatible with most central heating systems, either open vented or pressurised:

  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Solid Fuel
  • Solid Fuel
  • Radiators
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Baseboard Heating

Proven money saver with condensing boilers

Condensing boilers will only condense efficiently when the water returning back to the boiler is below 55°C. Unfortunately with the current systems most boilers only condense at start up stage as the return temperature exceeds 55°C. Therefore most households lose out on the benefits that condensing boilers provide. When the Advanced Heating Box is installed, the return temperature stays below 55°C keeping your modern condensing boiler in condensing mode. The Advanced Heating Box is the only product available on the market today that can keep a boiler in condensing mode without having to sacrifice your comfort levels.


Composition: made from high grade Killed Mild Steel
Dimensions: 375mm x 295mm x 295mm
Capacity: 17l
Weight: 28kg
Output: 44KW, 150,000 BTU/hr
Maximum pressure: Unique SQUARE pressure vessel approved to 3 bar